Get good shopping experiences with little or no money.

If you’re reading this, you’ve possibly experienced online shopping and may have found things a bit expensive, but guess what? You can get a better experience after reading this article.

Online shopping is a culture in the internet space, making the e-commerce industry an attractive and engaging option for users. This has led to many users planning on how they wish to spend their money online while shopping.

In this article, I will be writing about how you can get a good shopping experience with little or no money in your pocket, but first, let’s know why you have to shop online.

Arguably online shopping has become a major part of our lifestyle with numerous benefits ranging from convenience of shopping to accessibility of all kinds of products. Considering the times we are in, that we have to stay at home and keep social distance, wear a nose mask, and avoid physical contact. Online shopping is now the option to get what we want when we want it!

The following steps are how to experience good online shopping with little or no money.

1. Visit

Timiun is an e-commerce platform that is flexible, gamified, and user friendly. Users are presented with three shopping options that are flexible:

Time Market, Emporium, and Special offer.

Timiun Sale Strategies

2. Personalize your interest.

While registering on Timiun, users select their interest and can also edit this same interest later on. This interest structures how the product is been displayed on your feed, including the product that people from your location or institution; if you are a student buys more, given you the privilege to share in what is trending as a product.

3. Create a network and conversation base on product interest.

We could all agree that regular e-commerce is becoming boring, due to the fact that it is a one-off experience, you come, shop, and go. You can relate to the marketplace experience where we great friends and chat while in the market. If this is true for real-time market experience why can’t we still have a conversation while shopping online? Due to this Timiun integrated a chat room where users can create a new network and start off a conversation with that friend basically about a product he or she wants to buy or exchanging warm pleasantries.


4.Time Market where you shop at a 99% discount.

The Timiun Time Market is a gamified marketplace where users click on a product to check its description, and once you click to buy a product 1% of the product price is been deducted from your wallet. There is a counter that counts from 30 seconds to zero, on successful count down you have bought the item at a 99% discount. This counter varies base on the product price, but the good news is, this helps you to shop for a product with little or no money.

Time Market

5. Accept Digital currency as a means of payment.

Digital currency is a major part of our transactions in today world, and with the news circulating about how Nigerian are one of the highest users of digital currency, you would want to believe that the future is bright for digital currencies been acceptable in Nigeria and Africa at large.

Timiun adopt a digital currency called upxitcoin, which can be bought on its platform via wallet funding and can also be transfer within the App. This coin is been used to shop product on timiun and you can also get this coin via a referral program.

Timiun is redefining the way we shop online, happy shopping less stress.

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